Shape adjustment effecting frames outside of range

Hi I tried making the shape adjustment to my track shape as shown in this video, for a limited frame range using MultiFrame, frame 62 to 85, but you can see that the change effected frames 38 to 61 also, which is outside of the MultiFrame range.

You’ll notice that prior to the change, when I scrub through the timeline, the red track shape is vary stable until frame 70, but after making the MultiFrame adjustment at frame 62, you’ll see how the red track shape is now “growing” or “pulsating” to match the change made at frame 62. Is this a bug? If not, please let me know how to NOT have my change effect frames 38 to 61 thanks!!

A couple of things…

  • MultiFrame is meant to modify the Transform and Reshape tools to allow you to make adjustments across all previously set keyframes or a selection of keyframes. You don’t need Multi-Frame when there are no previous keyframes in the desired duration.
  • The “growing” and “pulsating” is an artifact of the smooth interpolation on the two similar keyframes next to each other at frames 61 and 62. Change the interpolation type to Linear and the “growing” and “pulsating” will no longer occur.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the info Marco!! Linear was grayed out, but I was able to set it to Hold on the first keyframe (frame 38), so now tracking shape only moves per the track data and then jumps to the new shape size at frame 62, no “pulsing”

Sorry, I forgot to mention that to select Linear interpolation, you need to change the Shape > Interpolation Engine to Temporal. This enables all interpolation types except for Smooth (Catmull-Rom).

Spatial, the default setting, limits the interpolation types to Smooth (Catmull-Rom), Hold and Extrapolate. This ensures that shapes using Smooth (Catmull-Rom) interpolation in Silhouette exactly match the result in Nuke when exported.

Ah ok, so in my case since I know 100% i won’t be using Nuke on this, it’s no problem to switch to Temporal, correct?

Yes, Temporal is fine if you are not going to Nuke.

Ok sounds good, thanks Marco!