Shape Data on Clipboard crashes CC2018

I have Mocha Pro4 and it crashes AFX CC2018 everytime I try to bring Shape Data over. AFX keeps crashing as long as I have the Data on the Clipboard(exporting the Data and running the script doesn’t help). This doesn’t happen with CC 2017.

A workaround for now is to close CC 2018 open CC2017 paste my masks, save the project and import it into my working project but this can be really nervewrecking if I have to update the masks.

Has somebody encountered this as well and can help me get rid of the “BUG”.
I also have the script to paste the Data as masks and not as the Mocha Effect installed.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Pascal. This is a known issue and identified as a problem on the host side of the equation. Adobe have told us that they’re working on a fix, which should be included with their next update. Thanks, Peter.

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Here’s a little background if you need to know more:

Thanks for the link. Hopefully Adobe can resolve the issue very soon. It’s been a while since the last Update

I spoke with folks at Adobe last night - the fix is in place and will be released soon.

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The newest update, that was released today, seems to work fine. I didn’t experience any crash so far :grinning:

Glad to hear that your experience with the new version ofAE mirrors ours - thanks Pascal.