Shape drift away


When I tracking, the blue line of the shape will drift away suddenly in some frame and can’t fix even I adjust the points. And this issuse will affects to many other frames. May I know how to fix?

Thank You.

  1. What is your Mocha Pro version?
  2. What system are you on?
  3. Are you using plugin or Standalone?

The shape moving like that usually means that the tracking data has become massively skewed and is distorting the shape far off into the distance.
What parameters were you tracking with?

Hi Martin,

I am using AE Plug-in version 2020.5 v7.5.0 on.
I am tracking a walking person with perspective. Tracking is ok, but when I try to adjust one point even I just move a little bit, the shape distort suddenly.

I would suggest tracking without perspective for the person. You are not going to get accurate planar track for the entire body, so the distortion of the tracking data is probably quite high. If you look at the surface data you will probably see very significant distortion.

When perspective tracking disortion is very high, moving the points may fly them off into the distance to accomodate for the massive distortion.

Try tracking with shear only for this roto and see if you get better results.

Thank you much, I will try it again.