Shape not lining up

I’ve tracked a simple rectangle, and roto’d a face. But when I paste my shape data into AE, the shapes don’t line up to the objects I’ve tracked. The timing is correct, and the shapes seem to be the correct size, they’re just too far over—I’d just move them over by selecting all the keyframes in AE, but the distance varies… I did a test by making a rectangle in Mocha that perfectly lined up with the edges of the frame, figuring if there was some discrepancy, it would affect all the Mocha shapes in the same way, and I could just select everything and resize according to the frame shape. The frame shape lines up with the AE work area perfectly, but my other shapes are still off… I’m pretty new to Mocha so I’m surely doing something wrong. Any advice appreciated! Thank you!

If you’re using a legacy version of AE and Mocha, you probably need to just shift your data over or trim the comp to the selected area, make sure the Mocha in and out points match, and reexport. If you are using the newest versions, simply use “apply shape data” in the plugin to make sure it aligns perfectly without all the hassle of checking in and out points.

Also make sure that your footage interpretation AND your comp settings are the same if you are using a legacy version of AE and Mocha.