Shape visibility not working anymore

Hi everyone,

I feel like I am going mad and would really appreciate some help please.

Before, when I was setting a shape to only be visible from frame 50 to frame 100 for example, the shape contour lines would go away in the viewer in any frame before frame 50 or in any frame after frame 100 but it is not doing it anymore.

Would you know what I am doing wrong please?

Does pressing ‘v’ on your keyboard do the trick?

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Oh man you are a life saver, thank you for your help.

No problem! Has happened to a few people haha :smile:

The V key toggles the Shape > Fade Outline with Opacity preference that draws unselected/inactive shape outlines using the opacity value. When enabled, you won’t see shapes that are at 0% opacity unless the shape is selected.

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Thank you very much Marco, that’s exactly what I needed.

I would love a way to bring up the Shapes Prefs easily like how it’s possible with the Paint and Tracker Prefs (a button inside the panels themselves). Just not sure where a button would go for Roto. I like the Fade Outline Pref, but I lose track of what it is set at if I mistakenly press “v”. I remapped “v” for something else and no longer have that issue. I leave it checked in the Prefs and pressing “v” does not toggle it disabled. I am also from the camp of where I drag my shapes off screen when I don’t use them anymore - but that is an extra step for sure, after I set an extra keyframe without opacity, to preserve motion blur.

I personally think preference options should not be assigned to a hotkey by default unless the user specifies it. Otherwise you tend to get accidental changes. The Fade Outline Pref is a common one. To change a preference setting (which tend to remain constant) the user should have to open the preferences, in my mind anyway. Might be some exceptions though… A shortcut to open the roto preferences though I’m down for!

I think the resolution here should be to allow \the V key to toggle the visibility of the O opacity shape, but not change the preference.

In addition, we can disable the “Fade outline with opacity” preference by default.

You’re not wrong! That preference goes back to a time where the scripting system didn’t have a method of talking directly to tools. That has since been improved a lot, so we can decouple the preference from the keybind behavior now.