Shapes in 2k 2:1

Hi peeps!
I’ve submitted this problem to Imagineer but I thought I’d post here too with the hope that your collective genius could help too.
What we’re doing is tracking on a 2048x1024 mov (h.264 proxy). It imports as 35mmVistavision so we correct the aspect ratio to 1 and change the Film Back Size 2:1 (inches) Tracking data and corner pins translate to AE (CS3) perfectly. Shapes however, are fine for the one frame they were created on in Mocha (v2) but their translation / shear etc is wrong when pasted into AE. We’re fairly certain it’s the Film Back Size that’s the issue - when we import half res footage (1024x512) it imports as aspect ratio 1 and film back size 1024x512 and that works perfectly. We tried to treat our 2k footage in the same way but we can’t slide it above 1000 to achieve a 2048x1024. We’ve substituted 2x1 in inches, thinking maybe it’s just a ratio thing but to no avail.

Has anyone successfully used shaped as this res? I’ve seen some posts for tracking at 2:1 but their solutions don’t help us.


Hi Pete,

Which version of mocha for After Effects are you using? If you haven’t already, try 2.0.5 which fixes a bug related to exporting shapes from custom PAR projects to AE.


I didn’t realise there was another update! And that has fixed it completely.

I love a happy ending.