Shapes not coming over in new Mocha Pro instance

I created a shape in Mocha Pro plugin in Resolve on the edit page.

When I open the Mocha project on the color page in the Mocha Pro plugin, the shape is not there. Is this related to the known problems with Mocha on the edit page?

Mocha Pro 21.5 OFX plugin / Resolve 17 / Mac OS 10.15.7 / 32GB Ram / 2GB VRAM metal GPU.

If you’ve created a new instance of the plugin on the color page, you won’t see the same shape.
Any time you create a new Mocha instance it’s a fresh project. If you want to edit the existing shape, you’d need to launch the Mocha instance you applied in the edit page.

In general, we recommend doing most Mocha Pro functions on the Fusion page as it’s far more broadly supported and flexible there.

Ok. Good to know.

I did it this way because the matte shape is for a inside mask in BCC Primate. It’s my understanding that BCC does not work in fusion so I added it on the color page.

I would have used the Mocha interface inside the Primatte plugin to create the shape, but that won’t work because the keyer is applied to the foreground track on the edit page. I need a shape that follows an object from the clip on the background track.

So it sounds like my workflow is no good. That solves that problem.

I’ll move over to the BCC forum to see if there’s a way to get an external shape into the Primatte plugin to add to the matte created by the key.