Share your thoughts on the Continuum FCP Public Beta!

Hi Folks,

Wondering if any of you would like to share your thoughts and feelings with us on the public beta release of Continuum 2021 for FCP.

The major new highlight features in this release are :

• 80+ brand new filters
• 50+ brand new transitions
• FX Editor custom GUI

Here are a few questions that are on top of my list :

• Are the filters meeting your needs in terms of performance and render quality?
• Are there any filters that you would like us to add to Continuum FCP?
• What are some of the new filters that you like best in this set?
• How do you like working with the FX Editor?

Many thanks in advance for any feedback you may be able to offer.


I like the “feel” of this 2021 version for Final Cut Pro, way better than the past. Previous version felt like an afterthought. So far seems snappier and definitely love the addition of “FX editor.”
Will tracking ever make it back in?

Thanks for responding!

The filter kit in this version should feel much snappier - they are all GPU’d and some are performing an order of magnitude faster than the previous version.

Glad you’re enjoying the FX Editor - it’s such a comfortable way to generate just the right look for the shot you’re working on. Select a preset, then start modifying it while monitoring the original source and filtered result in the viewer window.

I’m glad you mentioned tracking. So although the mocha shape and parameter tracking feature that we included with Continuum for other hosts is not currently included in Continuum FCP, it’s something that we’re working on.

Have you tried any of the new transitions?


Good to hear that you’re working on the tracking for Continuum in FCP.
I don’t utilize transitions that much, mostly cuts, but will try and get back to you

As far as transitions go, they are nice. Like I said before, I don’t use transitions much but I can see myself using the stylize, lights and the optical transitions if necessary.
Hey, I just noticed. Textures not included as generators anymore?

Cool, glad you like them. And yep, we pulled the older texture generators from the product. Did you find them useful? Would you like to see the same set rolled back into the product or perhaps some new ones?

Have you looked at the new BCC+ Textures filter that we included with the product? There are about 120 new textures included with that filter, all customizable via the FX Editor.

Actually, I didn’t see the BCC+ Textures filter. I like it. Real nice filter.
Regarding the texture generators, sometimes I would use them as backgrounds or as a “texture” when creating 3D text. If you rolled it back into Continnum, I wouldn’t be mad at all.

That’s great - I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the new BCC+ Textures. I’ll discuss bringing back the older texture generators into FCP with the development team - it’s not that it’s difficult, they were held back due to concerns regarding performance but if as an end user of the product you don’t see that as an issue then we may be able to bring them back. Thanks for bringing this up.

I have just finished my first project (3 min aftermovie of sport event) with the new BCC Continuum Beta under the fcpx-hood; and yes it works super, thanks! I also, like the new layout. The new transitions are superb and the effects editors will be of great value.

Just one question: I am missing various stuff from the previous Continuum version in the effects browser (e.g. BCC motion blur, various Artlooks such as charcoal pencil sketch etc.), but I could use the BCC Motion Blur from an earlier project (they are also still present in the application_support/Borisfx folder). Do these earlier effects have to be added separately or am I just missing something -since I did not have time yet to explore the package in more detail-.

The tracking feature is also something that I hope you can include again…

Hi Michiel,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on using the new version of Continuum FCP. We are looking into some of the effects that were left behind when we moved Continuum to a 100% GPU filter/transition set and we should be able to move some of the more popular CPU based filters into the GPU pipe and therefore include them in an update to the product. We’re also planning on adding the PixelChooser and Mocha masking / tracking into these filters but I can’t offer you any set date or timetable on when these feature additions will be added just yet.

You should still find the legacy CPU filters in Apple Motion though so if there’s a particular legacy BCC filter that you used to rely on you can access it in Motion.