Sharing mocha tracking/masks without saving to disk?

I’m applying several continuum effects to the same layer in AE and will be using the same Mocha tracking data and masks for each. Is there a way to link them together or do I just have to finalize the data in one fx, save a mocha file and load that into the subsequent fx?

I’m a new AE user so hopefully this isn’t too much a newbie question.

If you’re using the integrated Mocha mask and tracking feature in Continuum filters then once you have completed the Mocha set up in a single filter, you can export the Mocha project to the desktop, then merge that mocha data back into any other Continuum or Sapphire filter. So you set up once and deploy multiple times. If you’re using Mocha AE then you can export keyframes to control the position of any layer in After Effects.

@PeterMcAuley Thanks. I kinda figured if there was a way to link them more dynamically, it would be obvious.