Sharing Work: "Shift-Faced"

Hey folks - first off I know the recommended work submission is via the vimeo channel, but alas this video has an interactive element and thus is not vimeo-ready! Hope this is cool…

Bruton Stroube Studios Presents: “Shift-Faced” An interactive guide for cooking that not-so-perfect holiday bird.


We used mocha AE and mocha Pro extensively to rotoscope and remove unsightly shadows and blemishes, visible crew, reposition foreground objects, match continuity,etc…all in an effort to precisely align two choreographed scenes playing simultaneously…Press shift throughout the video to see the magic in action!

Mocha makes roto fun and fast(er) and for that I say thank you.

This is hilarious and adorable and I love it. I like that wherever you press “shift” there’s a punchline. Really nice timing work. :smiley: