Shimmering effects with removed person

I’m still rather new to Mocha but I’m trying to remove this person from the shot. He walks across the shot a little then away from the camera. So I used a cleanplate but not exclusively. In the final render I see a little shimmering effect around the area where he was. Also one of the lines on the street gets messed up as he passes near it. Any thoughts what I might be doing wrong? Here’s a YouTube clip showing the after and before.

You have multiple non-coplanar areas moving in perspective, so there’s a parallax shift. You’ll need to split this background up to do a proper remove, just tracking the entire background won’t give you good results. You have to account for each, individual bit of planar data.

See this tutorial:

Have you watched our remove module overview videos? They really help understand what Mocha needs for a solid remove. The best tutorials for remove are the following, we have a video series on the basics of the remove tool, part 1, 2, and 3:

Thanks Mary, I have watched the Fish one. I’ll have to watch more.

Then the complex remove one should help!

So do I have to track everything behind the guy? I tracked most things, the road, walls, background, etc, but it only removes him from places where the mattes are.

Yeah, if it’s moving differently in parallax from the objects surrounding it, it needs a separate track. This is not an ideal remove candidate.

Alright, maybe I’ll just have to try a different scene. Thanks.

If you look at our remove tutorials, you can see the kinds of shots the remove tool works on. Usually you want to break no more than three planes for the remove to work well. For super complex removes like the above shot, it is honestly probably faster to rotopaint.