Should be so easy I can't figure it out

I’m trying to use Mocha Pro inside Premiere and apply the tracking data to a text object on another video track.

It’s a very subtle camera mover on a tripod and I want the graphic title to track with the frame.

I did the track as transform only, clicked “export tracking data” Basic transform, copy to clipboard. Exit back to premiere, select Position in effect controls, Paste… nothing.

That’s how I assumed it would work. Please help.

In Premiere, the work flow is to use the Insert Module and channel the source graphic into Mocha either through one of the video layers OR inside Mocha from file.

In AE you can paste tracking data from Mocha to a corner pin, but this is not exposed in Premiere, so you use the Insert module. I would advise watching one of the Premiere specific tutorials.

Thanks Ross.

It doesn’t seem to work on a title clip generated inside Premiere with the title tool. Also, I’ve discovered that the composite doesn’t render if I have Magic Bullet Looks applied. (no matter what the effect order is).

My current workaround is to replace the clip with an AE composition, do the title in AE and use the copy tracking tracking data to clipboard and paste it to the track with the title.

Would be nice if it was possible for Mocha to be able to paste tracking data as frames right into Premiere’s Motion panel like I can with AE.

You can get this process to work on a Premiere generated title by “nesting” that layer first. The way Premiere handles caches requires some nesting if you want layers and some effects to interact orioerku with the Mocha plugin.

Pasting Mocha tracking directly into Premiere as a corner pin effect is a feature request that we have discussed with Adobe. However to implement this on the clipboard requires work on Adobe’s end. I suggest that you request this to the Premiere team as well, as we can not deliver the feature without the interest on their end.

Thanks again Ross. Thanks for the advice on nesting the graphic track.

Pasting corner pin data from Mocha to Premiere isn’t that interesting to me. Mocha does great corner pinning internally (at least for my use)

I’m more interested in exporting transform keyframes just to track motion like a point tracker. (Like for matching a graphic move to a camera move.

Is the only way to NOT have Mocha Corner pin my insert is to manually make the Planar Surface the full size of the frame?

You can align the title where you want it in Premiere and then use the “Align Surface” tool in Mocha to align the surface tool to the whole frame on the same frame as you aligned the title in Premiere, no manual aligning required.

Try that and see if it works for you?