"Show surface (tracking data)" disappear after one frame

I think it’s more easy to explain my problem with a video. Download it to drive, with the link below.
Thanks to everyone.


As a first guess, this may be happening because couple of things.
The surface you are trying to track changes a lot how it looks (from Oscar to Leonardo DiCaprio). Mocha is confused and can’t recognize that this is still the same surface. That mean, at one point, you would need to switch to manual track mode, adjust surface tool for couple of frames, and then get back and continue to track as usual.

The other thing i should mention, is that you having a lady on the front. This also can affect your tracking not in a good way, so first you need to exclude her with a mask.

Here are couple of great tutorials that can help you in this case:

Thank you so much for the reply, but. After three days of continuous testing with this “mode”, I saw that using track camera the effect was much better and it took me 10 minutes, instead of 3 days, to finish creating the effect on the clip.