Show zoom window

why did you turn off show zoom windows by default ? how i can change this ? why mocha does not remember the last size and position of this window ? after creating a new project they have to be re-configured

Can you let us know what version of Mocha are you on, please? This sounds like an older bug that has since been corrected.

now a use 2019.5 on WIN 10 . and that was in the 2019 release too

OK, this is not a bug then. You should be able to turn it on manually but in the newest version of Mocha it is off by default by user request. However, we can add an option to have it on by default to our user suggestion list. We are working on remembering the previous configuration on exit as well, it is on our development list.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


well, if you ask), I would like to know why you removed the hotkeys on tracker model translation on/off ? as transform , scale ets. I always use them in earler version mochа . and these options are not in the list of possible hockeys

We still have it in there, you just need to assign a key to your preference. Though it probably does need a key and that’s probably an oversight. I will ask @martinb what happened to the key to confirm. Regardless, you should be able to assign it to your preference.

Happy to help if you have anything else too. :slight_smile:

I meant hotkeys for these options

I don’t think there are but we can add a feature request. :slight_smile: