Si Plugin + Mistika?

Would it be possible to get the Si plug-in working with Mistika Boutique? You can apply the Si plug-in OFX currently, and even launch Si from within Mistika, but when you arrive in Si and create a new session, the viewer is blank (then Si crashes). The composition length is 1 frame.

I think Si is not catching a frame from Mistika.

@dungeonbeach Some host applications don’t properly support the OFX plug-in format. You may want to contact Mistika so they can figure out what the issue is as Silhouette has no issue in getting sequences over from Nuke, Flame, Resolve, Fusion or Vegas.

I did leave a support ticket with the Mistika folks a few months back. Maybe they haven’t gotten around to checking into this issue yet.

So you guys aren’t doing any special tuning of the plugin on a per host basis?

The OFX protocol does all the work?

But you do check compatibility with the big guys you just mentioned, right? Resolve, Nuke, etc.?

Did you / could you check with Mistika? Some of us are off the beaten path.

I remember attending a quite chummy BorisFX/Mistika BorisFX live stream last winter all about how BorisFX plugins could work in Mistika.

Would be great to add Si to the list.

We don’t have unlimited resources, so we have to be selective about which hosts we support as it adds development and QA time for each host. We have attempted to hit the most users by supporting Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Resolve and Fusion, Autodesk Flame and VEGAS Pro. At this point, if we were to add another host, it would be Avid.

Many of the paid grading systems out there don’t have many users, so we would have to be strategic about which ones to add support for.

As far as Mistika is concerned, they must be doing something different than the other hosts in the way in which they fetch frames using OFX. We just don’t have the time right now to workaround this. Maybe in the future.

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I get it.

I’m finding that one of the pitfalls of actually paying for grading software is less plug-in compatibility.

FYI, the Si plugin kinda works with Scratch, which I also use. The paint stokes make it to the host, but other nodes you put over the entire image, like Frost, don’t. Roto doesn’t make it back to Scratch.

Observations for a rainy day.

@marco Agree with what you’re saying. And yes, Mistika’s OFX implementation is incomplete. A few years ago I tried to compile Paul Dore’s OFX plugins for Mistika and ran into trouble. After talking to SGO’s developers about it, they did say that they only did whatever minimum was necessary to get BCC to work. But that it’s a small subset of the API and you quickly run into issues. So until they improve their OFX API integration to the full set, it would be impossible to make the two work.

And I’d much rather get Avid than Mistika if I had to pick :slight_smile:, even though I do use both regularly.