Silhouette 2020 not reading my sequence


Silhouette is only importing media as numbered sequences, which is fine for a high-end compositing software.
But usually you’d point to the first frame and it should import the whole sequence if it’s sequentially numbered.
That’s what is also shown in the tutorials by Ben Brownlee at Curious Turtle for Silhouette FX 6.

If I do this in Silhouette 2020 for a sequence, which is correctly numbered in single steps, only the first frame is imported as a still!
I took me a lot of fiddling with file names to no avail, until I found out accidentally that you need to activate all frames and then import to get a sequence.
This looks like a bug to me.

To avoid question about wrong, naming my names look like this: Stage.00086400.exr and so on in single frame increments. Anybody else seeing this?

@uli.hbk I double-click on the first frame and the whole sequence comes in. I named files exactly like you did and it is working as expected for me. Are you running Mac, Windows or Linux?

I’m running MacOS 10.14.6 aka Mojave.
I see this in the chooser:

I can double-click that first frame or I can select and click Open, I always get this:

The only way to get a sequence into Silhouette is selecting all frames and clicking Open.

@uli.hbk I can successfully load a full sequence of EXR images by clicking on the first image using your exact naming scheme. I think there may be an issue with your EXR images. Can you upload 3 of these images for me to test with?

Thanks for trying to get to the bottom of this issue. I tried TIFF sequences with the same result. My sequences were all rendered by Davinci Resolve. Here are the first three of the EXR images:

Of course, everything is loading as expected for me. Can you provide the exact steps you are using to load the images?

Well, after some more fiddling I found the reason: some early frames needed to be re-rendered and of course they had a later time stamp. Unfortunately, the sorting in the File Chooser was still at Date instead of Name. If I change to name, it works!
Sorry for the hassle, but it is a bit of a trap. In other programs I’m used to, a list of files will be seen as a sequence if any files after the selected one are sequentially numbered (e. g. After Effects). Obviously, Silhouette is only accepting it if the selected one is really the lowest number in that folder.
Thank you for your efforts!