Silhouette 2021 not seeing my external drive

I’m trying to import from my external drive but when I import media none of my external drive are not there.
iMac Pro
Big Sur

@fame1000 Try using Open Native Dialog. It’s to the right of the sequences box in the Import Media dialog box. That helped me.

Thank you, it worked

I am just leaving a remark because I, too, have a Cameo 4 and am experiencing the SAME PROBLEM! I’m not sure what’s going on because everything worked perfectly until the most recent Windows upgrade. It began with refusing to read/getting stuck in the middle of an assignment. I’ve tried everything you’ve tried. I wish you luck in your search for a solution! It’s not fun to be the owner of a pricey paperweight.

@mehwish.yati What exactly is the problem you are experiencing? Are you unabe to see an external drive using the Silhouette browser? Are you able to see files on the external drive but have trouble loading files?