Silhouette 2022 as compositing app


I just watched latest Silhouette 2022 video and I was impressed!

With integrated Mocha, Sapphire and Particle Illusion it has great potential for non heavy compositor to use it as main comp app. I really liked your example videos so far, but it would be superb if you could provide video showing Silhouette as compositing app in near future from start to end. Reading files in and go trough color management and so on.

I already downloaded Trial version and having hard times since it of course work different than Nuke or Fusion.

Is it possible to adjust UI menu font size? Under preference there was User Interface font size, but it changed only Node text size.


There’s some great free and paid training resources for Silhouette here: Silhouette Self-Help Resources

For the UI menu font size, that is not changeable at this time.

Went trough the manual, but didn’t see any mention of footage localization. Is it possible to cache source clips locally so it wont be loaded from NAS?

When you play a clip, it is cached into RAM provided you have enough RAM to load the entire clip. However, the cache is not stored locally to disk.