Silhouette 2022 support of BCC

While it’s great that Silhouette 2022 now officially supports some of BCC, 2021.5 unofficially worked with far more than the nodes you appear to have announced under 2022. For example, 2021.5 worked fine with Type on Text, Curl, Fast Film Glow but under 2022 these report “Missing node” and will not work with them.

It seems a great shame that the new release has in effect gone backwards with regard to being able to use these nodes?

@dave.drewry Although some of the Continuum OFX plug-ins work within Silhouette, they have not been tested nor are not qualified to run in Silhouette. The path forward for Continuum in Silhouette is native support. This is an ongoing project and with each release, more Continuum plug-ins will show up in Silhouette.

However, there is a workaround. If you set the following environment variable, all of Continumm will appear in Silhouette:

Value: 1


Thanks for the quick response. That worked - it’s good that the option is still there to use the wider capabilities, even if not officially supported at this point