Silhouette 2023 error


Our customer has occurred error in use of Silhouette 2023.

They are unable to successfully exit Flame after apply Silhouette from Flame and save Flame project after compositing operation or rendering of clip. (Exiting Flame does not proceed from “ACTION: Uninitializing”.)

You can download their video capture from the URL below;

How can they successfully exit Flame after applying Silhouette?

If this is a bug in Silhouette, can you remedy it in next update?

Their use environment is as follows;
Flame 2023.3
GPU : Quadro P6000
Silhouette 2023.0

Please let me know if you need other information.

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I am not sure what the cause of this is. It is not specifically a Silhouette order, but more of a general Flame error. We will contact Autodesk, but I suggest that the customer also file a support issue with Autodesk.


I will ask them to contact Autodesk as well.

Additionally, they have encountered new problems besides this issue.

When they render in Flame after keying using Primatte included in Silhouette they output as a different video than the result they keyed.

You can download video capture of their problem from the URL below;

How can they successfully render video with composited background in Silhouette?

Also, they want to check version of Primatte plugin included in Silhouette, so please let me know this version.

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To render the Primatte composite, the same as seen when the View is set to Final Composite, use the Primatte > Composite output which is the output port located at the bottom right of the node.


I don’t know what item you are pointing out, can you point to it in screenshot?

Also, is there a version of the Primatte node included in Silhouette?

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I added a screenshot to my previous post.

We are using the Primatte v5 SDK, but it is highly customized with Boris FX modules and accelerated with Open CL GPU acceleration.