Silhouette 2023 - Version History

Silhouette 2023 - 4/26/23


New Nodes

  • Primatte
    Using a unique algorithm based on three multi-faceted polyhedrons floating in RGB colorspace to isolate color regions, Primatte keys out and replaces blue or green screens with transparency to facilitate background replacement. The 3D Preview display aids in the visualization of the keyed value.

  • Generative AI and Machine Learning

    • Stability
      Stable Diffusion is a pioneering, deep learning text-to-image model. It is primarily used to generate detailed images based on text descriptions. The Stability node integrates Stable Diffusion models directly in Silhouette. Inpaint, outpaint or generate images from scratch using text prompts.
    • Denoiser ML
      The Denoiser ML node employs sophisticated deep learning techniques to eliminate unwanted noise from images while preserving critical features. To train the denoising model, numerous images were utilized, resulting in a highly effective system. Additionally, the extracted noise can be seamlessly reintegrated into the image using the Grain Composite node.
  • Grain Management
    Denoiser ML, Regrain and Sapphire UltraGrain make up the new grain management tools in Silhouette.

    • Regrain
      Based on DasGrain by Fabian Holtz, Regrain samples the source image’s grain, regenerates and randomizes it for the purpose of adding it back to a degrained composite.
    • Sapphire UltraGrain
      Adds simulated digital camera grain to the image.
  • Mocha Pro 2023

    • Roto Improvements
      Mocha Pro’s Roto tools have new features that make spline adjustments easier and more efficient, such as Inner Width feather adjustment, Shrink and Grow Splines, Adjust Spline Points with Falloff, Split Contours, Snapshot Duplicate, and Double-click Shapes.
    • Tracking Improvements
      Mocha Pro’s Tracking tools have new features like Merge Tracks, Grid Scale, Adjust Mesh Points with Falloff, and Search Area Mattes.
  • Sapphire 2023.5
    Sapphire has been updated to v2023.5. New features include UltraGrain, PrismLens and DissolveUltraGlow effects, new lens flare and UltraGlow presets, S_Effect parameter linking, and expanded Metal support.

  • Particle Illusion 2023
    Particle Illusion has been updated to v2023. Features include new 2023 Emitter Library, performance enhancements, and numerous user interface improvements. For a complete list of features, fixed bugs and changes, see: Release Notes

  • Atmospheric Glow
    Atmospheric Glow is a glow style mega-filter that brings instant atmospheric looks to an otherwise flat scene. Based around a film glow, this effect includes nine independently controlled groups, including volumetric light rays, a smoke/fog generator, light flickering, chromatic aberration, optical orbs, film grain and a vignette, each of which adds a new element to the scene.

  • Curves
    Curves adjusts the entire tonal range of an image by changing the shape of RGB, Red, Green or Blue curves. Curve points can be adjusted throughout the range of shadows to highlights.

Silhouette offers both scripting and expressions as tools for customizing and automating the animation process. While scripting requires programming skills, expressions allow artists to create complex animations and link parameters, perform math functions, and use variables without having to write code. This makes expressions a more accessible option for artists who may not have programming skills, while still offering a high degree of control and flexibility.

  • Link Parameters In The Same Node
  • Link Parameters From Different Nodes

Motion Blur Controller Expression Action
The Create > Motion Blur Controller action creates a Motion Blur node which controls all other node’s motion blur settings using expressions. The controller includes Enable, Angle, Phase, and Samples parameters, with values defaulting to the first motion blur enabled node settings it finds. It then creates expressions for all nodes in the tree that have motion blur parameters.

RED R3D Import
Silhouette now supports RED R3D source files.

New Presets
The following nodes now have new presets: Beauty Studio, Camera Shake, Chromatic Aberration, Day for Night, Develop, Film Glow, Grunge, Light Leaks, Prism, Rays, Smear Blur, Sunset, Two Strip, Vignette, and X-Ray.


  • -args <argument_list>
    -args <argument_list> is a new command-line argument where argument_list is a comma-separated list of arguments to pass as sys.argv to the script.
  • SFX_SCRIPT_IMPORTS Environment Variable
    The only way to add more script paths that were auto-imported was via prefs. Added the SFX_SCRIPT_IMPORTS environment variable that can be a delimited set of paths (using : or ; as delimiter). Paths can contain their own environment variables. Any path found in this variable will be imported before external scripting paths set in preferences. Paths should be treated as python modules with their own file.



  • Camera Shake
    Added a Data input and Transform parameter to choose point trackers and tracked layers to match move the image based on the tracking data. This is good way to match the camera shake of another image.

  • Color Correct > Color Wheels Resolution and Layout
    The Color Correct color wheels have improved resolution and now appear in the Timeline in a horizontal layout.

  • Cross Processing / Film Stocks
    A curves interface was added to Cross Processing and Film Stocks.

  • Film Glow
    A set of secondary glow parameters was added to create chained glows.

  • Grunge
    An Auto Scale option was added to the Gate Weave section

User Interface

  • Open Logs Location
    Opens the folder containing the Silhouette diagnostic logs.

  • Parameter Options
    Parameters now have an Options menu icon … to the right of the parameter that includes Reset, Insert Key, Delete Key and Copy Expression Reference options.

  • Point Control > Transform Pop-Up Menu
    The point control transform pop-up menus used to select the transform source now only appear when the node’s data input is connected and there is a point tracker or transformed layer present.

  • Preset Thumbnail Text Size
    The preset thumbnail text now wraps to two lines to accommodate longer preset names.

  • Sources Window Thumbnail Size
    The Sources window thumbnail size was increased.

Viewer > Apply Gain/Gamma When Viewing Alpha Preference
When enabled, the Viewer Gain and Gamma affect the alpha.

Channel Blur Missing
The Channel Blur node was missing.

Depth Node Objects Could Not Be Added
Non-shape depth objects couldn’t be added to the Object List.

Lens Flare > Flare Editor Black On Linux
On Linux, the Lens Flare > Flare Editor displayed a black viewer.

Morph Crash
The Morph node crashed with inputs that had an infinite DOD like Color.

Paint > Clone > Vertical Split Issues

  • Crash With Grade/Filter Blur And Sharpen
    Using a DOD set smaller than the Session size before the Paint node, Silhouette crashed when Clone > Grade/Filter > Blur and Sharpen were adjusted in conjunction with the Vertical Split.
  • Black Viewer With Grade/Filter Blur And Sharpen
    Using a ROI set smaller than the Session size, the Viewer displayed black when Clone > Grade/Filter > Blur and Sharpen were adjusted in conjunction with the Vertical Split.

Power Mesh Hang With Mocha Pro Insert Enabled
When the output of the Mocha Pro node with Insert enabled was plugged into a PowerMesh node, Silhouette hung and then crashed.

Roto > Outline Size / Fill Opacity Couldn’t Be Keyframed
The Roto > Color > Outline Size and Fill Opacity could not be keyframed.

Sapphire Preset Browser Did Not Open On Linux
The Sapphire Preset Browser did not open on Linux.

Scripting > Command-Line Scripts No Longer Require A Project
A project is no longer required to run a script from the command-line.

Transform Menu & Point Trackers
Selecting a point tracker in the Transform menu had no effect.

User Interface

  • Font Size Preference Did Not Affect All Text
    The User Interface > Font size preference only affected node labels. Now, it affects all Silhouette text.

  • No Project Open Issues

    • With no project loaded, the window title now says “Silhouette (NO PROJECT)”.
    • You are now prevented from dragging and dropping media files into the Sources window when there is not a project opened.
    • An error dialog was added if attempting to open a project that didn’t exist.
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