Silhouette AE Plugin Workflow

Hi…was wondering if I still need to keep the Mocha Pro plugin for AE if I buy the AE plugin for Silhouette? Since Silhouette includes Mocha Pro as a node, would I ever need to have Mocha Pro as it’s own After Effects plugin? Is the Silhouette-to-AE plugin workflow enough to be able to utilize all of Mocha Pro’s features within Silhouette and send it’s information back to AE as a host, only through Silhouette?

Mocha Pro in Silhouette and AE have the same features, but Silhouette is an extra layer between Mocha and AE.

Without the AE version of Mocha you would lose the direct manipulation of the Mocha plugin controls. In addition, Silhouette does not have the Visible Layers and Create AE Mask controls.

If you are doing a lot of Mocha tracking and interchanging tracking and shape data with AE, I would recommend continuing with the Mocha AE version.

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To add if you use Mocha Pro for “render tasks” like PowerMesh or the Remove module, the Mocha Pro plug-in to After Effects workflow is the most direct. As Marco says, getting to Mocha Pro through Silhouette adds an extra layer so it would be very clunky to do a PowerMesh-driven insert where you want to do the compositing in AE.

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Thanks for the clarification, guys. Much appreciated! Everyday I’m inching closer and closer to getting the full Boris Suite LOL…but right now my work only requires (and my budget only allows :rofl:) Mocha Pro. But I’m going to invest in Silhouette first of the year, and this definitely clarifies how I need to go about setting everything up in my workflow. :+1:

Would you be able to export from Silhouette Mocha Pro the Tracking/Masks/PowerMesh (render or data) info from the plugin directly (ie, via copy/save to file) and then close out Mocha/Silhouette and paste into After Effects?

The rendered result of PowerMesh passes from Silhouette to Mocha.

You can copy/paste Mocha shapes and tracking data from Silhouette to AE. As part of the tracker export, you can select export the Alembic format and save to a file. The data format includes the PowerMesh and a camera that fits to the source footage.

The After Effects Mocha Pro Plug-In has a section for PowerMesh which provides the ability to generate nulls based on each vertex in a tracked Mesh. Silhouette does not have this.

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