Silhouette and depth map create

Good afternoon, I’m creating 3D from 2D images in Photoshop, recently I saw a promo video using the silhouette program. I found a video Silhouette 2D轉3D視頻教程(Silhouette 2D to 3D video tutorial) - YouTube tutorial but I can’t figure out where to find the adaptive tool for my scene that is shown in the video on 1.08.19 a minute. Tell me how can I find it? And also the problem with importing video files, they are hidden during import.
I apologize for the stupid questions, I am at the stage of getting acquainted with the program.
Thanks in advance for your help.

@rostboa The optional S3D module was only available in Silhouette v5. It is no longer sold. The current version of Silhouette has a Depth node which replaces the S3D node, but does not include the Adaptive tool from Silhouette v5.

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Thanks for the answer. Tell me, is there no such same adaptive tool in the new version? Or a way to make the same effect? thanks

The Adaptive tool does not exist in the current version of Silhouette. You could try using zMatte to generate a key, plug that into one of the Depth node alpha inputs, and then use an Alpha object in the Depth node to combine it with one of the other Depth tools.

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Thank you so much, I will pay attention to your advice and try. Until recently, I did it in Photoshop you can see my work here - Redirecting.... But I am considering options for a combination with a video.