Silhouette & BorisFX Takeover

Hopefully this is good news for Silhouette and the user base!
The thing I am most excited for now are some official forums for Silhouette where we have a central place to share common issues and bugs…


We are very excited! :slight_smile:

Indeed, it’s good for Silhouette FX, it’s good for DFT and it’s good for Boris FX but most of all, it’ll be good for end users of all products as all will benefit from the merger. Both Silhouette FX and DFT will have their own areas in this forum so there will be a place for everyone’s voice to be heard.

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Very exciting (rubbing hands together).

One issue I always had with DFT was licensing I am sure it will get cleaned up when rolled into the Boris FX family.


bump… Is there a Silhouette forum yet??

As a Mocha Pro user, it seems like Silhouette overlaps completely with Mocha Pro. What’s the point of having Mocha is Sihlo can also do more?

They don’t do the same thing exactly, Mocha Pro is a little simpler to use and has automated removes and simple inserts and has a plugin option and is used for roto and match moving for many hosts, for example, while Silhouette is a powerful dedicated standalone roto and rotopaint package where you can do things like paint on individual channels and create very advanced warping or beauty work. They both leverage Mocha Pro’s powerful planar tracker, which is great. And the workflow between the two is different as Mocha is layer based and Silhouette is node-based. However, there certainly is some overlap in the kinds of projects you can use them on and that will be based on your needs. We are happy to provide support for whatever Boris FX product you choose for your toolbox.

How does the new Silhouette 2020 work for users who have existing Silhouette 5.7 permanent licenses? I didn’t see any information on the product page. Does 2020 recognize the old licenses, or is there an upgrade path?

The update looks phenomenal. I’m looking forward to learning how to use it!

One thing I’m curious about is if there will be more advanced warp control to avoid the glitches created by spatial shifting of mask control points. Example: Put a square or six-sided source box around a human head, put the same shape “destination” box elsewhere but rotate it 90 degrees, and attempt to “morph” or warp between source and destination box. Nearly all morpher/warpers will simply “collapse” the box midway through the morph!

If you own an older license, you may qualify for an upgrade path. Please contact the sales team:

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Have you looked at the shape based morph/warp tools that originated with Elastic Reality? There are controls for correspondence points and open spline warping that could potentially help avioid what you describe.

Thanks Ross. Talked to Neal, all taken care off.

Great! Please note the Silhouette forum is now up as well.

Hi guys, congrats on the acquisition, super excited to see all my favourite tools under the same roof, hope this brings new ideas and opportunities for developing.