Silhouette corner pin from mocha OFX - frame range problem


While working in Nuke with Silhouette and Mocha I encountered an issue when my Nuke script starts at a custom frame - for example, 1000 or 1001.

I open mocha and track normally - frame range appears as in script (starting at 1000). I choose to export track and select silhouette corner pin.

I jump to silhouette - here frame range appears as in the script. I go to roto - paste and I get 4 tracker points. The issue is, the tracker keyframes are nowhere to be seen. They don’t appear in the dope sheet, and I am guessing they are being pasted somewhere out of range. To my knowledge, there is no way to move them to correct frames.

What do I do? :slight_smile:

Hi there!

This is a problem due to the way Nuke and Silhouette handle frame ranges differently.

In Nuke, a frame offset of 1001 is not actually a frame offset: It’s a project range that starts at 1001.
For example, a project in Nuke with frames of 1001-1100 will be read as 0-1100, but starting at 1001.

In Silhouette, a frame offset of 1001 is a project that starts at 1 that is labelled as 1001.
For example, a project in Silhouette with frames of 1001-1100 will be read as 1-100 but relabelled as 1001-1100.

When you export to Silhouette from Mocha inside Nuke, that means those frames will be padded by 1001 frames.

We’re looking into how this can be remedied in the software, as obviously any workaround is a pain and slows you down.

There are several possible workarounds to this for the time being:

  1. Change your frame offset in Nuke to be 1.
  2. Create a longer duration in your Silhouette project and move the imported keys back to where they belong.
  3. Track via Mocha OFX in Silhouette if you plan to export to Silhouette

@pitapan You could possibly use KMFX Scripts to offset your keyframes 1000 to the head with the time offset script. But, I also use the Mocha plugin all the time in Silhouette and that workflow is a good one.

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Unfortunately, offsetting the frames in the Silhouette plug-in will only be temporary. The next time you launch Silhouette from Nuke, the time range will be reset to what it is in Nuke.