Silhouette crashes when using BCC Fast Film Process after zMatte

Hi guys,

first of all - i love the Boris FX Suite and all that comes with it, amazing stuff and makes my life so much easier.

however, i ran into a problem while editing a shot - i want to use BCC Fast Film Process and connect it to the composite out of zMatte, however Silhouette crashes instantly.

Node diagram looks like that:

Footage → Mocha Pro (for stabilizing) → zMatte (connected to a checkerboard as bg) → BCC Fast Film Process (crashes instantly).

Any way to resolve this?



@joachimbischof12 The BCC plug-ins have not yet been qualified to run in Silhouette. This will require some co-development between the Continuum and Silhouette teams.

Thanks for your answer!!

Are the Sapphire plug-ins qualified for Silhouette? Just curious. :slight_smile:


Yes, the Sapphire plug-ins as well as plug-ins from RE:Vision Effects are qualified to run in Silhouette. Support for the Neat Video noise reduction plug will also come with their next software update.


Thank you so much for your answer, i went with the internal Silhouette Looks plug-in for now.


Wow Neat video supports Silhouette, that’s an awesome news!

Be great when BCC will be fully supported, I have used some of the plugin with success already, just tried Fast Film Process and works great on my machine. Great to hear Neat Video will soon also be supported.