Silhouette crashing constantly for no obvious reason

I have been trying to use Silhouette standalone as a general-use compositor, I love the toolset.
Unfortunately it has been crashing constantly (like 20+ times per day) from doing simple things like deleting a node, selecting a node to view, or just doing nothing at all.
I can’t really point to an obvious trigger for the crashes.
It also sometimes does not load footage, or it displays the wrong frame (headache)
I have to purge RAM so often I think I need a hotkey for it.
In order to get a reliable render without glitches, I need to play the full sequence in the comp window, then render it out. (from ram I presume)

Not much helpful info from me, but I find the constant crashing very frustrating… I want to love this program, but sometimes it’s hard to love. :frowning:
My Computer is pretty high spec, and new, with a fresh OS (win11) install.
I am using the latest version of Silhouette.

Some users have experienced issues with frame doubling when using movie files, but we have been unable to reproduce these issues. You can avoid the issue altogether if you use sequential images instead.

As far as the crashes go, a reproducible set of steps would be helpful. We could then narrow down the issue.

Thanks Marco,
If I can find a reproducible set of steps leading to a crash, I’ll post it.

I’ve sent you a file so you can try to reproduce my crash.
Thanks again Marco :slight_smile: