Silhouette dies on startup

I was working in Silhouette without issues yesterday. This morning, every time I try to startup Silhouette 2020 I get the startup screen and then it dies without error message. The last message I see in the startup screen that it’s scanning OFX plugins.

I also still have Silhouette 7.5.8 installed on the system, and that is running fine at the moment, so at least I can continue working. But need to sort this out.

I know from other apps (e.g. Mistika) that they sometimes stumble over OFX plugins they’re not familiar with. It sometimes requires to disable OFX plugins for a certain app. I looked through the config folder of Silhouette 2020 but didn’t see any text file that I could change to make it ignore the OFX plugins (which I won’t need in this case anyway).

Any hints?

PS: This is on a Win10 system, various BorisFX OFX plugins installed.

Sorry about that. This issue is solved with the newest version of 2020 available here: Boris FX | Downloads

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Ah good to know. Downloading now.

That solved it.