Silhouette feather handle tips


I would like to know some tips about using feather handles in silhouette efficiently?

For eg: If I am selecting all feather handles and press ‘E’ in nuke, all the feather value will move at the same time for 10 pixels I guess. and if we can select all feather points and move, at the same time all feather handles responds. Silhouette is entirely different than this. I feels like its kinda hell of manual work to move feather points individually

Help/Insights please,

@askmadlookz if you SHIFT ALT A (Selects all the points) then hold down the SHIFT Key while dragging the feather handles (Alt F toggles them on/off) you can move all the points together, granted you can put and exact number in but it still give you a global control and you can move the points the same amount and together.
Does this help you?

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Really helpful!! Thanks a ton!
any shortcut to reset the feather back to normal or Zero?

Not that I’m aware, maybe @marco knows a way around that one.

If you Shift-Alt-A all the points on your shape, or selected points, then R-click to bring up the pop up menu, then select Reset, the feathering is reset. If you want this on all frames, then make sure Multiframe is turned on. Or work range.

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wow! thanks, Katie and Tim once again!!

@Katie to the rescue with her depth of knowledge. I really enjoyed your course over at FXPhd Katie lots of good tips.


@TimH Thank you!