Silhouette Imported Splines/Media Always Gets Offset

Hey guys, hope everyone is well and keeping busy during these times.

Little query I’ve got with Silhouette. If you import splines from Nuke (using a custom exporter) or even create a one frame patch from the sequence editor or I believe import any kind of media as far as I’m aware Silhouette automatically shifts it to the start frame of the project and ignores the start frame of the imported splines or media? Is that right?

So if a project starts at x1001 to hold the entire image sequence but imported roto starts at x1018 (due to handles for example) Silhouette automatically offsets the roto to start at x1001 which we don’t want. The current workaround is to manually offset any roto first from Nuke or the original software so it starts at x1036 which then gets offsetted correctly back to x1018.

I always load the entire plate into a Silhouette project and manually adjust the timeline in & out point to the working range. That way if the working range changes there’s additional frames ready to work on already in the project right. I guess you could have your silhouette project start frame match the roto start frame which then there wouldn’t be any offset issues but its not ideal

Any workarounds or reasons why Silhouette appears to do this? Cheers!

Have you tried making 1 dummy keyframe at frame 1001 prior to exporting in Nuke. I would think that would cause all of the other keyframes to line up at 1018 without any manual offsetting.

Why didn’t I think of that. Yep that works or even just adjusting the global framerange to match Silhouette’s, the import had a dummy frame there automatically funnily enough. Cheers!