SIlhouette in After Effects is not recognizing alpha of Input


How can I get Silhouette to recognize the alpha in my AE layer? Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

I have an Input AE layer that has an an alpha cutout created in the subcomp of that layer within AE. When I solo this top layer, you can see the checkerboard indicating the alpha, but when I open Silhouette as a plugin on that top layer, Silhouette does not seem to recognize that there is an alpha cutout, and it just fills what’s supposed to be alpha, as black color instead. When composited with just a solid green background in Silhouette, all you see is the Input layer surrounded with black and the green layer does not come through.

I’m not an AE user, I use Fusion, but had similar issue. I’m not sure what. Parameters AE shows you but check to see if there is a “preserve alpha” checkbox before launching Silhouette. Once in Silhouette, up in the top bar there should be a multi colored icon called “Preview”, click that and choose option for “over checkerboard”.

You would need to precomp the layer with alpha, apply Silhouette and make sure the Source Alpha is set to Preserve Alpha.