Silhouette in Resolve workrange

Hello everyone, I hope everything is well.

I’ve got a little problem that I wasn’t having before Silhouette 2022 :
Let’s say I’ve got a 100 frame clip on a Resolve timeline, but I’m only using frame 20 to 50, if I drag a Silhouette instance, the workspace will be set on the total duration of the clip. I try to find answers in the documentation but couldn’t find one.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, Resolve does not obey the OFX frame range like Nuke does, so Resolve sends Silhouette the entire clip.

Hello @granondigital!
Despite Resolve does not cut that frame range, and feeds the full length to Silhouette, there’s a workaround! If you want to work with the small section of footage, before going into Fusion tab, you can click RMK on the footage on the timeline, and select “New Fusion Clip”. Now, when you switch Fusion tab, you will be only working with the section you selected, and Silhouette will recognize that.


Thanks for the response ! I’ll try that.