Silhouette License Problem


I have a perpetual Licence from Silhouette for Adobe as a plugin and the Support Renewel was ending last year.
since this, my License stucks in an Activation Loop.
In the App Manager under Products Silhouette is Licensed but under Licensing there is no entry.

Maybe i misunderstand something, a perpetual License should be work already, right?

I also wrote the Support 8 Days ago, but maybe they are still in the Holidays. :slight_smile:

I hope you can Help me. I wish you all a Happy new Year.
Martin Appel

@martin2 Support will be back in the office tomorrow. In the meantime, I suggest obtaining a 15 day trial which is fully functional. When the Silhouette license window opens, select Request a Trial and follow the instructions.

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The Problem was solved and im very Happy with that.
Thanks to the support Team :slight_smile: