Silhouette misinterpreting footage

Hi folks,
When I import footage to make a new session, the default setting given are incorrect, this has caused some production headaches due to the high volume of work, I’d love to see a way to set default settings, or at least interpret footage properly. :slight_smile:

The footage is trillions of colors (needs 16 bit working space)
The footage is 23.976 which Silhouette incorrectly interprets as 24. (leading to doubled frames) :frowning:

Thanks again.

AE importing correctly:
import AE
Silhouette importing at wrong frame rate and defaulting to 8 bit for high color depth footage
import Sil

Silhouette didn’t have a 1920x1080 (23.976) session format so it was picking the closet one it could find. We are adding a 1920x1080 (23.976) format in the next point release.

Silhouette support 8 bit linear, 16 bit float and 32 bit float. Since the footage is 16 bit linear and we don’t have 16 bit linear, we will automatically promote that to 16 bit float. This will also be included in the next point release.

If you set the frame rate manually to 23.976, does the frame doubling no longer occur? If so, can you send me a download link to the source footage so I can test with it?

When session is defaulted to 24 fps:
-one shot 178 frames long … frames 107-108 are duplicated
-one shot 225 frames long … frames 93-94 are duplicated
-one shot 278 frames long … frames 209-210 are duplicated (not before ?)

When session is adjusted to 23.976:
-Fixes the issues after purging the Ram Cache.

Thank you for your help with this! :saluting_face:


Edit: does this mean you still want sample footage or not? (unsure based on wording)

Yes, please send me a download link of the footage. If you click on my image thumbnail, you can use Message for a private message. Thanks!

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