Silhouette Mocha Pro Node Remove Module Render Issue

I’m having trouble with the Mocha Pro Node within Silhouette. The Remove Module looks different once I hit render within the silhouette interface. Both Interpolate, and linear are having issues. I made the clean-plates within photoshop.

Davinci Resolve 18.0.4
Mac - Big Sur

Silhouette 2022.0.3
Build: 381

Mocha Pro Plugin 2022.5
Version 9.5.3 build 37.g93a5a2e98a2d

@martinb Any ideas why this would be happening?

@martinb Any help would be much appreciated. It’s a tough track that I spent a long time working on. I can also take screenshots of the interpolate error as well. It’s similar. It has a weird edge to it and gets super grainy. Do you think it’s something I’m doing wrong in settings or something?

So specifically:

  • If you render in the Mocha Pro Remove module when inside Mocha UI, you get the result you need.
  • When you close and save that project and click the render check box in the Silhouette Mocha node, the result has darkened artifacts

Is that correct?

My first impression would be a color space issue, but then you would get the same problem in the “None” illumination modeling option.


  1. Is this an 8, 16 or 32 bit project?
  2. Can you show me the layer overlays for the Mocha project so I can see the boundaries?
  3. Can you show me a grab of your color space settings in Mocha project settings and in Silhouette?
  4. If we can’t determine the problem here, are you able to send the project privately so we can look at it directly?

I should point out that if you’re on a deadline while we figure this problem out, you can just render the entire sequence to disk from the Mocha interface. Just render the entire timeline and then choose “Export rendered clip” from the file menu.

Hi @martinb! Your bullet points are correct. Inside Mocha is the correct result. When I close mocha and save, silhouette returns a result that has darkened artifacts.

The None illumination model also returns a similar darkened artifacts remove.


  1. 32 bit project.
  2. Screenshots attached.
  3. I took photos of everything I could think would be helpful. Let me know if I missed something. I used a loader node from an exr saver node to pipe the footage into silhouette since the fusion session was getting to be too slow and wouldn’t load in silhouette straight in. It’s a fusion sequence within a resolve clip btw. It’s not in fusion studio.
  4. I can send it offline for sure if that’s helpful!

I did an Export rendered clip and it worked though. Just trying to figure it out for the future too.

The only way I can see this occurring right now is if the color space is being re-interpreted outside of Mocha, while the referenced clean plate will remain sRGB.
Did you change any color space settings when you were in Mocha?

I think you’re going to have to send me the file. I suspect this is a color conversion issue from the clean plate. What’s confusing is why it would make a difference outside of Mocha, because the same color space should be applied unless they were altered.