Silhouette Nuke roto workflow

Hi, I am a roto-paint artist and I have been using Silhouette for long time. I am testing the new release and I find it great. I really appreciate all the magnetic-snapping tools. I have noticed they only work with xSplines. In our workflow we usually export splines to Nuke for rendering and by doing that the Xsplines become Bezier. Is there a way to convert them to Bspline? In any case is the motion blur going to work properly in Nuke?
Thank you

Welcome @mauriziodiv Unfortunately, the magnetic snapping tools only work with X-Splines. Since we don’t have a X-Spline to B-Spline converter, we must convert to Bezier when exporting to Nuke. However, the motion blur will work properly in Nuke.

Ok. That’s great. It’s not a big problem.
Thank you very much