Silhouette paint - 2 Questions (Caches and keyframes)

Hi to all,

How does Silhouette Paint manage it’s cache exactly? There’s no option to cache to a specific disk…

Also, is there a way to key frame paint strokes. For example, I’d like to «cross dissolve» from a plain stroke to nothing. The model is turning her head but Silhouette keeps on painting.


Frames are cached to RAM-not disk.

Silhouette is a vector based paint system, so stroke’s can’t be keyframed. It would suggest stopping the Auto Paint at the appropriate frame and then paint as necessary to achieve the desired affect. Alternatively, you could do a dissolve in the host application. If you are using the Silhouette standalone, you could use a Mix node to do the dissolve.

So more RAM (or faster RAM) would equate more speed? Is it stored in the computer RAM or GPU RAM?

Silhouette uses computer RAM. More RAM would allow more frames to be cached. I am not sure how much of difference faster RAM would make. I would think any currently available RAM would be fast enough.