Silhouette Paint and 2020.5 now available

We are pleased to share that Silhouette 2020.5 and the new Silhouette Paint plug-in version is available on our downloads page.

For Silhouette Paint plug-in hosts, we currently support Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, and OFX hosts Nuke, Resolve, Fusion and Flame.

We also released 2.5 hrs of Paint related training that is also applicable for the full Silhouette application.

The best news is that is you own an active Silhouette 2020 license, your license will work with Paint plug-in. See FAQ to learn about project support workflows.

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It crashes always, can’t open it :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. Can you please provide some more detail about your system? HW and OS specs, etc.

[quote=“rosss, post:3, topic:7839”]Skärmavbild 2020-04-15 kl. 21.00.03
Sending a screenshot.

We tracked the problem down to the FIlmConvert Nitrate OFX plugin which he had installed. I guess it only works in Resolve. If it’s present, it crashes Silhouette (and Nuke) on startup. I asked him to temporarily remove it, and future Silhouette updates will blacklist it. I have also reached out to FilmConvert to hopefully track the problem down - it’s a strange one.

Hi Ross,

Thank you very much for the great news. Regarding the Silhouette Paint tutorials, is there a link somewhere to download the videos used, so as to follow along? I am sorry for asking but unfortunately I cannot find such a link anywhere.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

The Silhouette paint tutorial videos are located here: Boris FX | Meet the New Silhouette Paint Plugin! However, the source footage is not available as a separate download.

This looks like a great plugin and I am really excited to see it.

I have a question for both users and devs:
The autopaint performance is extremly slow on my machine - I’m talking (depending on the number of strokes) 15-20 secons per frame for 40 strokes. Is this normal? Or maybe it’s my machine or worse… myself doing something wrong?

That does seem rather slow.
Is this Silhouette or Silhouette Paint?
If SP, what is your host?
Size of footage?
Silhouette project depth?
How full is your drive?

It’s silhouette paint under AE. The footage is a simple 1080p.
My drive has more than 20GB of free space, and it’s an m2 960 evo drive.
I wanted to work in 32 bit, but after the performance issues I switched to 8bit for testing and it was the same.

Here are my specs:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i7 8700k @ 3.70GHz Coffee Lake 14nm Technology
64.0GB Dual-Channel @ 1600MHz (15-15-15-35)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (ASUStek Computer Inc)

To clarify - I updated the silhouette paint version to 2020.5.1. I updated my graphics drivers, bios etc. Still the speed is very slow.

@pitapan It’s not normal for you to be seeing those slow speeds. I drew 20 strokes in HD and it was taking less than a .5 sec to autopaint a frame. I’ll have to defer to one of our programmers to see if they have any ideas.

You filed a support ticket and brought up some other issues which I can address here.

Now there are a couple of things I noticed:

  • the clone tool shift drag is behaving can behave weird and not precise on my cintiq 13hd, this is probably due to the fact that I need to raise my pen to lock the target placement

Are you using the most up to date driver for your tablet? Do you see the same behaviour with your mouse?

  • when drawing strokes while viewing the color / detail pass the effects of the stroke don’t appear until i finish drawing. this is very annoying as I cannot see what is being drawn.

The color and detail layer views are updated after the combined color/detail view. So, I can see how this would be annoying. Since you are using the Standalone, there is a faster, more optimized way of working with color and detail layers. Please see the “Detail Separation Using Nodes” tutorial on page 194 of the user guide.

Thank you for your answers. I am looking forward to the contact. I updated everything I could including AE and even my mobo bios :wink: The initial strokes can be fast but as I go deeper - with 3 stacks of paint history it can grow to 15-30 seconds per frame. In addition to that I noticed that after a rebuild / or match move of a stack an extra one appears out of nowhere… or sometimes the stack can exist on different frame in the timeline but not on the first.

  • My tablet driver is up to date and indeed the behavior seems to be better. I can shift drag the clone tool. Hope this one is resolved. Now mouse and tablet perform the same, thank you.

  • As for the color and details - I am not using standalone. I got a trial to play around but I own only the plugin version.

The autopaint speed is directly related to the amount of strokes, size of strokes, speed of your hard drive, resolution, bit depth, etc. However, the speed of my autopaint is in milliseconds in both the Standalone and plug-in. Can’t really explain it.