Silhouette Paint - Automated Painting?

I haven’t worked with BorisFx yet, though I’ve been a filmmaker for many years. I’m about to dive in for an upcoming project. So, I’m in crash-course mode with fast decisions to be made.

My initial question: regarding Silhouette Paint – specifically the example on the sales video showing the painting of the dancer (image below, if it uploads)… Does each frame need to be hand-painted like a simple rotoscope process? Or does Silhouette Paint calibrate the image form and the given paint palette and then replicate the painting work itself, frame-by-frame? The answer will help us make the first of several big decisions. THANKS for your input!

Welcome In the example, each frame has been painted. There’s an onion-skin feature in the Silhouette viewer to aid this type of painting style.

Thanks, Marco!

Yep, I also hoped that this example was made automatically. But no miracles :frowning:

Bob, I did video auto painting in another program. And Mocha came handy to separate the moving object from background.