Silhouette Paint copy keyframes?

Silhouette standalone,
I have this line effect going around the frame,
It’s blue which blends too much with the water in the frame but i want to change the colour, I can’t seem to do that with the already painted strokes,
also this piece of media is 1635 frames long, I’d like this effect to loop all the way along the length of the clip,
but i can’t copy & paste keyframes ?

It is not possible to change the color of a sequence of strokes after they have been painted. However, if you paint a stroke, don’t like the color, you can undo, change the color and hit the Replay button in the Auto Paint window. This replays the previous stroke with the new color.

Thanks but i have a series of these lines going around, but Replay would make them all the same as the last one i did, I’ve learnt something anyway, :+1: watching the online tutorials just trying to get a hang of things like Onion skinning etc…

So, one thing you could do is to use the Paint Only output, color correct it to change the color and then composite it.

Thanks a lot that works, (thought i’d tried that :joy::+1:) the Hue option works best :+1: