Silhouette paint Crashes and massive slows down Computer

Hi there,

I edited a scene in Davinci Resolve. Nothing fancy. Then I did some retouching in Silhoutte Paint. Just a little spot… not more than 4 or five strokes. From that on my computer gets reaally really slow… Firefox about 3 Minutes to clos, Photoshop 10 Minutes to open and so on. It feels like Pixar is secretly rendering its new 8K 3D Stereo Animation Movie just on my machine :slight_smile: … And resolve frequently crashes. every 8-10 Minutes. Even when I just open the project and do nothing else for 10 minutes. Not touching the mouse. Just shuts down. When I disable the node with the Paint Open FX Plugin… everything is fine. I killed the node 3 times and retouched (the for strokes!) again …same behavior. I realized that this has maybe something to do with a crosfade dissolve thats going over the clip on the editing page. When I worked on other projects before I was used that Paint (and so resolve) crashes every 15 - 20 minutes. That seems to be normal. But this total system slowdown… I never had before. Could that be?

Are you using the most recent version of Silhouette Paint which is 2020.5.6?

In 2020.5.5, there was a bug fix a memory leak in the Silhouette Paint OFX plug-in which could cause instability and crashes.

Also, I would suggest closing Firefox and other programs you don’t need when running Resolve. Firefox is especially a memory hog. It sounds like you are running out of memory.

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