Silhouette Paint cursor performance


I’ve been recently experiencing very bad rendering performance in my silhouette paint projects when using the Wacom Cintiq tablet. This didn’t happen before (around the time the SP first came out). It started last 2-3 months or so.

When using the Wacom pen the cursor starts blinking - switching from the os mouse pointer to the draw circle. The cursor movement becomes sluggish and unresponsive. It’s close to impossible to draw anything, shift the source, change the size, etc. I can switch to mouse and the problem (almost) goes away. You can see this behavior in this video:

When I launch silhouette paint it’s usually ok and only starts happening after some time. But once it does only a full computer reset fixes it (for a short while).

My silhouette paint, after effects, Nvidia, and Wacom drivers are up to date. This happens on completely different machines (but using the same Cintiq 13 HD).

As you can imagine this is very annoying and disruptive to my work. I cannot be working with a mouse on my cleanup projects. Does anyone have a similar experience? How to fix this?

I found a somewhat similar topic that is about a month old. The advice given didn’t help.

The next version of Silhouette, to be released imminently, solves the Wacom tablet issues that are occurring with some tablet models. You will receive an email shortly when the new release is ready to download.

Thank you so much for the quick reply Marco. I am glad this is going away in the next version. Looking forward to that notification email!