Silhouette Paint - Import mocha pro track or corner pin data?


I manually tracked a surface in Mocha Pro and now I want to bring that track into Silhouette Paint Plugin to do my cleanup. How can we bring that tracking data / transform matrix to SP?

Export from Mocha Pro in Silhouette format. Go into the Silhouette Roto module and Paste.

@pitapan Please note that copying and pasting of Mocha tracking data requires Mocha Pro 7.0.2 or later.

You mean export tracking data to Silhouette corner pin?
If I do that and then paste in Silhouette Paint I get 4 track points not a corner pin or a transform matrix on a layer.
I am new to this and it’s very confusing.

My Mocha Pro version is 7.0.4

Now create a layer, select the four trackers, and hit Apply.

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Hi there!

There’s a whole video tutorial on how to do this here:

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I can past the point to silhouette paint but I get a process crash every time I select my tracker points and click on the tracker icon on the sidebar. So I cannot apply them to a layer. Very weird.

Edit: Tried in the latest version of silhouette paint and the same thing keeps happening.

Does this work for you?

  • Track in Mocha
  • Set Mocha’s Planar Surface to the corners of your planar surface
  • Select File > Export > Tracking Data, select Silhouette Corner Pin and click Copy to Clipboard
  • Open Silhouette Paint
  • Select Roto node
  • Select Tracker tool
  • Select Point Tracker
  • Paste the Mocha trackers
  • Since the Trackers are already selected after pasting, click Apply in the Pint Tracker tab

The above steps work with the most recent versions of Silhouette and Mocha.

I tried this exact process and the results are the same.
I just noticed that there is an import option in the point tracker. I exported an nk file from mocha and imported it to SP. No crashes, I applied the transform to layer no problem. So this worked but the clipboard way did not.

Thanks for help.

Are you using Windows or Mac?

I’m on Windows 10

OK, I have checked on both Windows and Mac and am not experiencing a crash. If you would like me to look into this further, I would need your footage as well as your AE and Silhouette projects.

I cannot share the footage or project as it’s a clients work, I rebuilt the whole AE project and the problem disappeared. Thank you.