Silhouette Paint Plugin crashing DaVinci Resolve


when we open the silhouette paint plugin on the fusion page of DaVinci Resolve it crashes directly after the “create project” window. This only happens on mac, on all windows machines it seems to work fine, even on the fusion tab inside of DaVinci.

Is there a fix for that?

This is a known issue. Blackmagic is aware of the problem and are working on
a fix. You would need to use the Color workspace in Resolve.

But its still strange that it works fine on windows.

Blackmagic responded this to me:

…It is also worth mentioning that we are not able to provide support for specific specific third party plugins such as the silhouette paint plugin you have mentioned.
As such, for further advice in regards to this, I would recommend contacting BorisFX for further information…

So im not too sure they are working on a fix :sweat_smile:

I would expect a stock answer like that from their support department.

I just downloaded and installed Resolve 17 and the problem has been fixed.

Unfortunately not on my side…
Tried the 17.0 and 17.1 versions of Resolve and after a complete new installation of both, the plugin and Resolve it strangely opened for one time. Once i closed Resolve and tried it again it crashes all the time again. Very, very strange…

Can you tell me your OS and Resolve version? and did you activate any special settings?
And does it still work when you close resolve and do the same on a new project?

I dont think this is a bug from Blackmagic to be honest. All my other plugins work fine inside the fusion tab, never had any issues.
Just discovered that when you add the silhouette paint plugin after the MedaOut node it opens just fine. Doesnt fix the problem but interesting…

Well, I just tried it again and I can no longer get it to work. I am using macOS 10.14.6 and Resolve Studio 17 b39.

Silhouette Paint is an OFX plug-in and it opens properly in Nuke, Flame, Vegas, and Resolve (Color tab). We are using the established method for opening a custom user interface in OFX. It is just not working in the Fusion tab on Mac.

Interesting that you can put Silhouette Paint after the MediaOut node and it works fine. You can then put it between MediaIn and MediaOut and the resulting paint appears.

We’ll take another look at this.

Thank you for having a second look at this.
I hope this will be an easy fix and I can finally use the plugin on my main mac workstation :cowboy_hat_face:

Don’t forget, you can still use Silhouette in Resolve’s Color workspace on Mac–just not currently in the Fusion workspace.

On the color tab the plugin only reads the shots with the timeline resolution you are working in. Most of our projects has to be painted in the respected source resolution of each clip and rendered in it’s source resolution too. So unfortunately we can’t use it on the color tab in a fixed timeline resolution…

Only inside if the fusion tab it’s using the full source resolution of each clip.

Does the silhouette paint plugin or the new silhouette ofx work in fusion studio (the separate version of fusion)? They’re still failing in the resolve version. Wanted to see if buying fusion studio would solve the issue? Wasn’t sure if fusion studio had the same stability issues with silhouette as resolve

@theretroyouth The Silhouette 2021 plug-in works using the Fusion page in Resolve or the separate Fusion Studio application.

Note: If you are on a Mac, the Silhouette plug-in is only compatible with non-app store versions of Resolve.