Silhouette Paint won't stay closed in Flame

Maybe someone here can help me. I’m running MochaPro OFX and Silhouette Paint OFX, both most up to date versions on BigSur 11.2.2. When I use them in a batch setup in Flame 2021.2.1 they both won’t stay closed after saving and returning to my batch. Sometimes Silhouette will reopen three times in a row. The problem occurred on Catalina and previous version of Flame as well. This doesn’t happen in AE or Resolve.

@ssweik_0306 I am unable to reproduce the issue with my setup which is macOS 10.14 and Flame 2020.1. I suggest filing a support ticket here: Boris FX | Open a Case and see if support can reproduce the issue. I find it strange that both Mocha and Silhouette are not closing. Leads me to think it is a Flame OFX implementation issue using your OS and Flame version.

Will do. I’ll try to to get support all they’ll need to figure this out.