Silhouette Paint Working Range Problem in After Effects

It seems that when I command+drag the Working Range Start Frame in the Timeline within AE, the drag goes further right and overshoots the frame where I wanted to set as the Start Frame, and then I can no longer drag the marker towards the beginning. I can only UNDO the command to try again. I’ve dragged the marks in Silhouette standalone no problem, but in AE this seems to be acting funny. Please let me know, thanks!!!

Dragging the work range in the Timeline is working for me. Can you send a video so I can see what is happening?

Here is a video showing the problem I’m having. Thanks for any help.

I am unable to reproduce this issue on my machines, so a few questions…

Is your source clip trimmed?

What frame number does you clip start at?

What frame does your composition start at?

What is the duration of the composition?

Is your comp/timeline set to display in frames or timecode?