Silhouette plugin crashing during splash screen in AE


I’m trying to load an existing instance of SIlhouette on one of my AE layers, and it seems to be crashing/freezing during the splash screen, When it gets to the “warp.module”, Silhouette is getting stuck at that point. Thanks for any help on this :slight_smile:

I’m running AE 18.4.6 and Silhouette 2021.5

Looks like you are on a Mac. I am on an M1 Macbook Pro. I had a similar issue with AE 22.5.0. I ended up reinstalling everything. After Effects, Silhouette. The entire Boris FX suite. Just trashing preferences didn’t fix anything.

I think there is still an installer for 18.4 out there.

I am unable to reproduce the issue. You may want to try this:

  • Apply a new instance of Silhouette
  • Open Silhouette
  • Open the previously saved Silhouette project

Does this work?