Silhouette Plugin wont show cloned output

I have just had Slihouette OFX plugin in Fusion stop showing the output of clones in the viewer.
If I switch to the" View: Paint" I can see a result but its not correct it is like it has just cloned the output even though the clone is offset. I have restarted both Silhouette and Fusion. I have almost completed the task and I don’t want to have to re-do any work. Any ideas to what might have caused this and are there any potential solutions. I was using the interactive and region functions to set up cloning from other frames prior to this happening, so not sure if that is related in anyway.

Is your Viewer set to View > Output?

Can you attach a screenshot of the Silhouette Paint user interface?

Yes it is set to output.

Hmm, that’s odd. I am not sure what may have happened.

If I were you, I would select Rebuild in the Auto Paint menu and the all you strokes will be repainted. Let me know if this works for you.

I did that when it stop showing new clones and all the work I had done was rebuild there was a nervous wait ;-). But it wont paint anything more. It shows up in the pain history as being painted but nothing appears, and like I mentioned the stokes are not correct when I look “View: Paint”

I will private message you with some support instructions for a remote session.

Perfect Thanks Marco

I am having this same problem… suddently it doesn’t clone anymore, or erase, or anything… new strokes appear in the Paint history but nothing changes in the image…


@juanpablo Can you make sure that you don’t have Obey Alpha enabled in the Paint tab?

Thank you! that worked, don’t even remember enabling it…
Another question, how do I clone something from a different footage?

To use Optional Clone Sources inputs in Silhouette:
• After Effects/Premiere Pro: Select the layers using the Optional Clone Sources >
Input 1-2 pop-up menus.
• OFX: For node based hosts, connect sources to the Silhouette node’s Input 1-2
inputs. For layer based hosts, select the layers using the Silhouette plug-in’s
Optional Clone Sources > Input 1-2 pop-up menus.

Sorry Marco, I didn’t get it, im using Silhouette Paint with After effects… where is Optional Clone Sources?

In After Effects, you have to select the Optional Clone Sources.