Silhouette Power Matte Speed

I primarily use Mocha but have a lot mattes with wispy hair to do soon. So I decided to try Silhouette’s Power Matte on a very powerful PC with an RTX 3090 card.

It is incredibly slow. Any tips on how to get better performance? The image is 4k.

And the soft matte area is very “bubbly”. I believe I can do a better degrain and tweak some parameters but any tips will be appreciated.

Thank you

For faster speed, the ROI (Region of Interest) feature will help: Using a Smaller ROI for Performance

Check out the Matte Creation section of the Power Matte docs as improper shape placement can also cause poor performance: Matte Creation

To avoid matte chattering, be sure to maintain the positional relationship between the FG and BG shapes. Using motion tracking to move the shapes will help with this.

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