Silhouette Previous Versions Patch Notes?

I was just wondering if it’s still possible somewhere to view each Silhouette’s previous release notes which used to be on the old Silhouette website?
Completely understand if not but I actually used that page on a daily basis to confirm if very specific bugs/issues that my work colleagues would bring up had been fixed or not. Literally had one this morning regarding the Wacom Intuos 3 tablet which seemed to cause an undo state error when switching between paint presets and painting whilst holding shift to move the source frame around but it is only happening with that tablet version on v7.5.4 and normally the first thing I do is check back through all patch notes to see if it had been an official bug.

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Indeed. Merging websites after an acquisition is a normal thing. But there were good resources on the old site that are worth keeping around.

Josh we’re pretty sure all remaining undo state errors are fixed in v7.5.8. Good point on making the full release history available.

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The equivalent of the Version History on can be found in the What’s New document. You can download the most recent What’s New for 7.5.8 by going here Boris FX | Legacy-downloads and clicking on one of the 7.5 downloads. Then, click the What’s New link. The details of each version release for 7.5 is included in that document.

Great! I’ll use that from now. Thank you.

I did remember a specific clone brush undo state error bug caused by holding shift being fixed post 7.5.4 but I couldn’t remember exactly what version without checking the release notes. That’s why the release notes are so useful because in bigger vfx studios we can’t update our SFX every time a new version is released but at least knowing a certain bug is fixed down the line and what exactly causes it as you guys state, allows us to avoid causing the bug in the older version. So now I tell everyone to avoid holding shift while making multiple clone strokes until we can update the software for example.

Thanks guys!!

Totally understood Josh. Fortunately there is a “workaround” in that case.
While you’re here - what Linux distribution are you using? If you’re doing any Python integration, have you done any migration to P3 yet?

The undo state error bug is definitely fixed in v7.5.8. It’s awesome!

Centos7 at work and Windows10 at home. Everything is still running on python 2.7 here but I’ve heard migration to P3 will be coming perhaps within a year or two from now

Thanks Josh. Please note that future Silhouette releases are targeting Centos 7 and higher and Python 3, to conform to CY2020.

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